Monday, 24 January 2011

Roll, roll that cotton boll!

I have been working hard on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, and the main part of the top is now finished! I made it smaller than Bonnie's, at 4 blocks by 5 blocks which measures 60"x75" at the moment. As far as I'm concerned, that makes a creditable single quilt, or will do when the borders are on it.

Can you see the block which I need to unpick? Why do pieces always jump around when they're waiting to be sewn? I'm just glad that my friend Jane spotted it before I got any further. That's a bit of reverse sewing for later!

I've just got one more thing left over from Christmas, and that is a lap quilt I made for my dad, and had wrapped up before I remembered I hadn't photographed it! He left a comment on my blog when had shown a Linus quilt I'd made for a boy, and said 'I don't like that quilt. I wouldn't want it on my bed. I like aeroplanes.' Since he was in the RAF during WW2 I thought that was quite reasonable.

Here is the quilt being held up by Mum. Can you see her peeping out? (She's not actually standing on her head - I've rotated the photo!) I had great difficulty finding a reasonable block with an aeroplane on it, and had to design this one, which is made with templates - well, it was either that or foundation piecing, so not much to choose from there! The quilt is called 'There's always one' and Dad (and Mum) have already put it to good use!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Great post...and lovely to see your Roll Quilt out in the garden. I definitely see the oops and yes...quite fortunate that it was spotted at this stage.

Love the airplane quilt and your mom's "acrobatics!" LOL

Cheri said...

You might want to photograph that block before you unstitch it. Looks like a tree from my view. Love the airplanes.

Amo said...

The RRCB looks good! And I love the aeroplanes!! Could you show the pattern you made for them?

Susan said...

Your Dad's is a winner...... I know you enjoyed working on it.

I finished a Bonnie Hunter quilt, put it on the bed and used it for a year before I discovered one of the blocks had an oops....... Oh well, it is still warm................

Barb said...

Your airplane blocks is great!
I love your RRCB - but I'd leave it as is. Why not? it's charming I think. But then again, I do love to find things like that in old quilts.