Saturday, 12 February 2011

Civil war quilt

I have been busy sewing (log cabin, nine-patch, mile a minute), but nothing very interesting. Except I've decided to make Barabara Brackman's Civil War quilt. She's posting a new block every week, with lots of information about the block names, the quilts, the people and the stories behind the events. Quite a feast for those of us who love old quilts and history! The blocks are already up to week 7, but you could still join in, as they'll be up for quite a while.
Since the American Civil War is synonymous with slavery in my mind, I started thinking about this distressing subject, and how it still exists today. Sp I decided to make a slavery quilt insted, in modern colours, with the idea that I might eventually offer it as a fund-raiser to an anti-trafficking/anti-slavery charity.

Here are my first four blocks. On the top left we have 'Catch me if you can', and next to it 'North star'. At the bottom, is '(Texas) tears' and the rather tricky '(Kansas) troubles'. Although there's only one match point on the Texas tears block, as you can possibly see from the unpicked threads, it's not an easy one! I'm still appliqueing 'Seven sisters', and hoping to catch up with the latest blocks soon. Why don't you join in too?


Contented Caroline said...

Absolutely lovely as always Lynda - will make one great quilt. Love the one bottom right. Gorgeous colours too.

sewkalico said...

That's very kind of you Lynda to try and tempt us with YET ANOTHER project, but I shall decline and rather enjoy watching you on the journey if you don't mind :-)
Well done on the blocks so far!