Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A whole afternoon!

The next block for my challenge group is the old favourite, Mariner's Compass. I have done this block before, but wasn't looking forward to having to draft my own 8" block and sew four of them! Luckily I have a copy of Judy Matheison's 'Mariner's Compass Quilts' which has clear instructions on how to draft your own block, so that part was quite straightforward - at least, it would have been if I could have found a pair of compasses which actually stayed in the desired position, instead of wavering all over the place!

Here is the first finished block, and it took me the whole of yesterday afternoon! OK, I didn't start sewing until about 3 o'clock, but put the final stitches in the centre while I was cooking tea! Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon?!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

It looks darling! Can't wait to see them all together! Well Done!

Amo said...

You will be a dab hand by the time you've done 4!! Looks great though.