Monday, 8 August 2011


Have I finished my Carolina Lilies? What do you think? I've been seduced into getting on with some more of Bonnie Hunter's 'Kiss in the corner'. I found the blocks easy enough to do (a churn dash and a three-patch with triangle corners) but had great difficulty putting the components together.

There should be little Friendship Stars with bright yellow centres appearing, and they're not. No matter how I turned the blocks, they wouldn't play nicely together. (This could be why it's been in its box for a month or two!) Then, light dawned. The little triangles on the three-patches have to go one way, and of course, some were going the right way and some the wrong.

Here are the wrong ones. But why, oh why is it that there are eleven (and a half) going the wrong way, and only nine going the right? I suppose there's a subclause somewhere in Sod's Law which decrees that any sets of incorrectly orientated blocks will exceed the sum of the sets of correctly aligned blocks!

So a bit of undoing and resewing later and you can just see the stars beginning to twinkle! That's better!

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