Wednesday, 10 August 2011

That's better!

Yesterday I went to a local group called 'Talking Textiles'. It's an informal group of embroiderers, knitters, quilters and textile enthusiasts who book a village hall, take a project and have the time and space to get on with it. This week Jane was able to bring her lovely daughters, aged 8 and 17 with her. The 8 year old sews and has just learned to knit, while her older sister is an expert, committed knitter. I took my 'Kiss in the Corner' as I was determined to get to grips with it. I arrived about 10 o'clock, set up my machine, made a coffee, admired others' blocks and work, got advice from friends about a set of Linus blocks I had been given, received some more Linus blocks, and then at 11.15 came a voice from Jane's younger daughter, "Lynda hasn't done anything yet!" How awful to be judged by an 8 year old and found wanting! It was just the kind of encouragement I need so I set to and am very pleased with my progress so far.

The Friendship Stars are very clearly visible now (and will look even better once it's all joined up). Now I'm off to cut more yellow squares.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

LOL - DD2 makes a good motivator from time to time! :o)

The girls both enjoyed their visit to TT and have already planned out their projects for next week. :o)

Contented Caroline said...

Looks lovely Lynda - could you let me know where the group takes part - I'm working full time now as well as running small business but I might pop along at some point if it's local!!