Monday, 17 October 2011

October finish number 2

This quilt is a Linus one which someone else pieced. It was actually very large (double bed sized, at least) and I've managed to get three Linus quilts from it.

It seems to have quite a bit of Debbie Mumm fabrics in it (whatever happened to Debbie?) and lovely blue and red sashing. I bound it with dark reds out of the scrap bin, and it has worked well. I was slightly dubious about the red stripey at the bottom, but it's played very nicely.

And here is an update on (some of) my UFOs. Dear Jane is first. 27 blocks done, a lot of applique ones which I did on holiday. I think it needs more dark ones to balance it out.

Here is my Barbara Brackman Civil War quilt. I'm way behind with this. She's already onto block 41 and I've only done 29 of these. This set needs more with a light background, I think.

And last (and least) the Crumb Along I'm doing with Jo which is so much fun to do. Next I'm going to do some hearts, which should be nice and quick. I'll have to hang on though, as I'm quilting October finish number 3!


sewkalico said...

You are 'going like a boeing' as they say! Love seeing all your different sets of blocks together.

Barb said...

So many fun projects going on! Your dear jane and civil war blocks look great and look like they could go together.
I love your crumb along. It looks like so much fun!

Sew Create It - Jane said...'ve been busy! I think retirement suits you ;o)