Friday, 18 November 2011

Orca Bay, here I come!

It doesn't take much to persuade me to start a new project, but I'd drop almost anything to do a new Bonnie Hunter mystery! So you can imagine I was busy checking my computer this morning, which was the first day of her new mystery quilt, Orca Bay.
I'd even bought a new ruler, the Companion Angle Ruler, which Bonnie assures will make it easier to make half and quarter square triangles. As soon as I'd done the necessary chores (just the necessary ones, you understand, not the ones I should be doing!) I raided my 1.5" strip boxes for neutral and black strips. Plenty of neutrals, but I'm short of blacks. It's lucky I'm off to Rocheberie Schoolhouse Quilters tomorrow, as hopefully the trader will be able to help me out! Never mind, I've enough supplies to keep me going for a while. Now back to the sewing machine!

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Andrea said...

Lynda - just stop it -lol ! I am trying soooo very hard to resist for a little while on getting started on this. I have promised myself if I'm a very good girl and finish my SSCS gift ( nearly, nearly done ) this weekend I can think about it. But I am so very tempted to just have a shuffle through my stash and see if I have enough of a certain colour. Are you doing the full size ? I may just start with half the units and see how that pans out.