Friday, 11 November 2011

There's always a first time for everything!

Yesterday I had a call from Michaela who works for a charity called Catch-22 asking if I had any quilts suitable for 16-18 year old vulnerable children. (If, like me, you have never heard of this charity you can find out more here.) Of course, they would have to be large quilts for these young adults so I frantically searched through my piles of Linus quilts as she was coming round this way this morning at 9.30! I found a few big ones, and then three which Linda S had quilted, but I had promised to bind. Would I be able to bind three quilts in a day? I decided to give it a go!
The first one was this monstrosity, which had been beautifully quilted by Linda on her Gammil. I had wanted to chop it up, as there seemed to be too much blue space in it, but I'm glad Linda persuaded me not to! I usually do a French fold binding sewn onto the front, then folded to the back and hand sewn. There wasn't going to be time for this, so I still put a French fold on, but on the back, folded it to the front, and zigzagged it in pink. Result!
The resuts look almost decorative! You can see Linda's lovely quilting, with pink variegated thread. It makes the quilt. I did this method with another quilt, and the final one (a gorgeous bright one which had a black backing which had started to beard during the quilting) I just folded the backing to the front and machined it down!You can just see the edge at the top of the picture. Michaela was thrilled with the quilts - she couldn't get over how they were all different! - and I'm sure the young people will be too.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

WOW--All that binding in such a short amount of time! I'm impressed!

BlossomBatik said...

Hi Lynda,
I amazed with your strength. BTW, u has done a great job!