Friday, 25 May 2012


  I have now finished my challenge for this month, and here it is!

 It has a light turquoise inner border, a blue main border and strong turquoise binding.  It looks better in the flesh than it does here.
 I was a bit worried about the binding, as it was very much stronger than the inner border, but I think it works in a kind of gradating way.  In any event, it's a FINISH, so hooray!

 And speaking of finishes, I've made decisions about the two tops I have as WIPs.  The granny squares have got a border - and a destination, since Andrew and Hannah have shown me their 12 week scan! 

The other top has gained a few more blocks and a narrow border and I will be asking some of my quilty friends to sign it so it can be a record of all the lovely quilters I know in this area.  Now to some layering up!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your signature quilt looks great. I think you did the right thing making it square and framing it in red :o)

Love the granny squares...they look fantastic and the subtle blue border works perfectly.

loulee said...

That blue quilt looks great with it's borders and binding. Fantastic finish.

Liz said...

What Jane said.

Andrea Louise said...

You are a really good quilter! Love your work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt. I love how improvisational it is, but still controlled.

Sarah said...

Love the quilts!