Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I have completed my granny squares top (and another one) but I'm not completely happy with either of them. 
 The granny squares look better in the photo than in person - the colours don't look right against the white.  Maybe prettier colours would have been better, or maybe I should have stuck to my usual cream background.  Anyway, I'm certainly not undoing anything, but the question is what to do next.  The idea was that the blocks would float on the white, and after putting the white border on, quilting nd binding would be the order of the day.  Is the white border too small, or does it need another (coloured) border?   

 And here is my Rocheberie signature blocks made up into a top.  There were 21 six and a half inch blocks, which wouldn't make much of a quilt!  I added four extra strips round each block, so they are now 8" finished, and added a plain block on each corner, leaving the 21st block (mine) for the label. 
This is a close up of some of the signatures.  The next problem is, do I add a border to this, or shall I make four more log cabin blocks to complete the square and make the quilt a more useful size?  Decisions, decisions!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I like your granny squares top...If it is a usable size I'd be tempted to leave it as is...I quite like them floating. :o)

sewkalico said...

I would just add a nice colourful binding to the granny squares top once you've quilted it. It looks good to me. As for the other one. I wouldn't make any more blocks, but then again if you feel it would make it more of a useful size... I'd maybe think about doing a few borders instead...

loulee said...

I would add a coloured scrappy style border to the Granny squares.
I'm not sure where I'd go with the log cabin top.