Thursday, 27 September 2012

Too many projects

I'm usually quite happy to have lots of projects on the go - variety being the spice of life - but this time it led to my undoing (or more correctly, my unpicking!)  I had really enjoyed making my version of Bonnie Hunter's Tulip Fields, but felt I wanted to get back to Orca Bay. 
I had originally only made half the components, and now felt I needed just another row of blocks to finish it off.  Orca Bay has string blocks, so I merrily made the required number of red ones and sliced them in half, as per instructions.  But not actaully as per instructions, as I had sliced them horizontally,

as was required for Tulip Fields, not vertically, as was required for Orca Bay!  Naturally I didn't realise my mistake until after I'd cut and trimmed them all, and sewn the triangles onto both sides of most. 

This is how they should look, and they will, after I've had a session with my unpicker!  Happy days!


Barb said...

your tulip block is great and the orca project really pops with the black and red - love them both.

sewkalico said...

Ah, just a tiny lapse of concentration. Happens to the best of us ;o)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh no! It took me a minute to see your mistake..what a pain!