Saturday, 10 August 2013

Festival of Quilts!

I really like the FOQ, and am really lucky that it's only half an hour's journey from my home!   I haven't missed a year so far, and this year I had the pleasure of the company of Jane and her clever daughter.  (I don't think we would have managed to find my car in the several car parks without her!)  Jane and I are both predominantly traditional quilters, so had lots in common.  I took quite a lot of photos, so here are a selection of my favourites.
This young man (Luke, apparently) was stunningly represented.  I love the log cabin background.

This was amazing - how do people manage to make something like this?

This was equally stunning - a braid quilt but so beautifully done.  The sashing and borders were fabulous.  Looks like an antique rug!  Incidentally, there seemed to be a bit of a brown theme going on at the festival.  Rich and gorgeous. 

Brown and reproduction.  Lots of old designs combined in a new way.  I love the tiny hourglasses and the lozenges as a border.

This appealed to my sense of fun.  I love the colours and the fabrics.  Yummy! 

Not my usual kind of thing, but what's not to like?  Striking.

I have a thing going on for circles at the moment and this is circle-tastic!  Very clever use of colours, especially in the circling stars.


Brown.  Jane's daughter hated this.  I loved it! 

Triple feathered star.  TRIPLE FEATHERED STAR!  And not only that but look at the little feathered stars in the corners!  (And brown.)

More fun.  Fabulous colour choices - of course eagles have turquoise feet!

Not such a good photo, but each star was made from fussy cut fabrics, enhancing the design.  A labour of madness?!

For those of us caught up in the Granny Squares fad, a Godhari from India.  Not square, but who cares?  Beautiful.

One of Annabel Rainbow's quilts - they really have to be seen 'in the flesh' as the text machine embroidered onto them is so poignant - and the quilts are wonderful! 

Is this a quilt?  I'm not sure but I loved the colours (and the circles!)

This was the winner of the contemporary section.  Well-deserved.

A naïve applique (brown again).

A fabulous list of all the fabrics we love.  Apparently there were at least the same number which were discarded!  Fabric heaven.

A personal fun quilt.

Guess Who?  (Clue, it's the doctor!)

Another guess who, but this time less obvious.  It's a rebel without a cause.  Amazing.

I don't know who this gentleman is, but he reminds me (in his posture) of Whistler's Mother.  He's similarly valued, as he was for sale at £5,500.  Bargain!

And last but not least, brown. 
A great exhibition (and great shopping too!)


loulee said...

Thanks for sharing Linda.

audrey said...

Oh how fun! I love the naive applique and the eagle quilt esp. Thanks so much for sharing.:)

Ali H said...

Looks like you had fun at the show - so are you in your brown phase then !! Ali x