Thursday, 22 August 2013

Curing bias stretch?

My spiral blocks (a la Kathy Doughty) weren't flat, even when I had not just pressed but ironed with great gusto!  Starching the fabric for subsequent spirals did the trick, but I wondered if I washed the wavy ones, they might relax back to their original shape.  And the results are ......

and no.  This one will need a bit of fudging, but I can do that.  I suppose the answer is that if it's slightly stretched, you can make it better by washing and drying flat, but if it's seriously wonky, nothing will restore it, and it's unpicking or fudging!

I made another one (from pre-starched fabric) and I love the fussy cut trees!  I have yet to start on the next round, but the fabric is already starched!

I have been busy making class samples.  Three different bag workshops at The Quarter Inch this autumn.  Click on the link (or leave a comment) if you'd like to book.

I've also put another border on my challenge quilt.  The brief was 'animals' and flying geese are definitely animals in my book.  I think there's maybe a bit too much light so far, but I'm going to put a serious wide border next to ground it.  Then the next round will be stars.  Eventually!

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