Monday, 9 September 2013

Desperation piecing

I have been doing some more hand piecing - American method.  I find it quite relaxing, and pretty accurate.  I have finished the first of the blocks from Kathy Doughty's book, and while not as flat as a pancake, it's flat enough!

I've started another, and have joined about a quarter of the pieces so far.   I was cutting pieces a few at a time, when I suddenly realised that the green fabric was rapidly being used up.  I quickly drew out all the shapes, and found I was one short!  A rummage round in my scrap bins didn't yield anything, so it was down to desperation piecing!

I looked in my waste bin and joined together the largest pieces of green I could find. 

Here is the result.  Phew - just enough!

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Ali H said...

Your post brought back memories of us desperately search round the FOQ trying to match that fabric you had that went olive when we put it with browns & brown when we put it with greens !! Lucky you could piece those tiny scraps together ! Ali xx