Friday, 6 September 2013


It's been a busy time recently, and my quilting has fallen (slightly) by the wayside.  But I always have some sewing on the go, in case I need a bit of relaxation.  I'm still continuing my love affair with Mile a Minute, and here are some stars on a pink background. 
I've got one more row to make, and then some assembly.  I love the big diamonds which have appeared - they'll be ideal for some free motion quilting! 
I've also been making up several Linus quilts.  People are so generous at donating tops, but not so many people like the making up!  I'm trying to make up a quilt most weeks (they're usually small, and don't need precision quilting) and have some lovely volunteers who are happy to bind these.  A recent quilt had a cream 9-patch which looked a bit bare, so I embroidered a cat on it.

I couldn't find a nice clear image on the web, so went to the children's section of my local library and searched for a picture book about cats.  Our library has a good selection of books, ones about dinosaurs, crocodiles, hippos, elephants, mice and lots and lots of books about dogs, but hardly any about cats!  Unbelievable!  However, I found one, and I think this image is just the job.

Here is the quilt, made of orphans (obviously!).  I think the cat looks right at home here!


loulee said...

I find that childrens books are a great resource for stitchery.

sewkalico said...

I love your Mile-a-minute stars. I keep wanting to make some, but you know how it goes :)
Cute cat! A great idea!!