Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wedding sewing

DD's wedding is fast approaching, so I decided to get on with the sewing tasks I have.  First was the bunting.  I have made some with the couple's new name on, and then loads and loads of blue, cream and a little bit of pink bunting for the hall decorations. 
I have located and attached a suitable border to their wedding quilt.  There will be more to add on this, but it needed something solid to ground it.  

Then I have starched and cut all the pieces of fabric which people will sign at the reception.  I tried several colour pens out, but DD thinks the black is best. 

The table toppers are all cut to size,

and the ring pillow applique is nearly done.  DD didn't want a lacy pillow, so I've used this bunting fabric, and am applying their initials joined together.  I'll attach some ribbon on the L for DD's ring, and some on the B for her fiancé's. 

There has been a little quilting going on too.  I'm continuing my love affair with Mile a Minute, and have copied this idea of stars with plain points which you can see here on  Bonnie's blog, although it was made by Priscilla. 

I need nine colours: green, red, orange, yellow, turquoise ................ I'll get there!


Liz said...

Wedding quilt is looking lovely X

sewkalico said...

Wow! You have been busy! What fun to have lovey handmade things for the wedding.