Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Never again!

I have been finishing off my wedding tasks.  DS and I made an initial arrangement of the table flowers (silk) in the vases, and then I finished off the ring pillow.  The appliqued initials were done, and I decided to put prairie points round the edge (DD would hate lace!) 
 I've never actually used prairie points before so it was a bit of a learning curve!

Here is the finished pillow - the messy white blobs in the middle are the ribbons for tying on the rings!  I'm pleased with it, but the prairie points were a tedious task.  I know you can make continuous ones, but I wasn't sure of the spacing and didn't want to end up with a half PP, so made each one individually from a 2" square!  It's taken me most of the afternoon to make these little beauties, and while I quite like the effect in this case, I'm not planning to make any ever again!

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black bear cabin said...

hahahaha...ive never attempted prairie points either, and always worry they would come out uneven somehow, but yours looks great! she will love it!