Monday, 16 December 2013

A request

I had a request for three Linus quilts, one with butterflies, one with diggers (Paula completed that with fabric kindly donated by Debbie) and Peppa Pig.  The Peppa Pig one was a bit problematic as it was very specific, and there was no such fabric in the Linus boxes.  I had to buy some from ebay, and boy, was it expensive.  I got sixteen 6" squares (very little more than a fat quarter) for £5.99 and then had £1.50 postage to pay on top of that!  I decided to sash them to make them knit up big, and I think any Peppa Pig fan would be pleased with the results.
If you have Peppa Pig fans on your quilt list, a word of warning.  The fabric is not only expensive, it is terrible quality!  It's 100% poly (nearly lost a square when I ironed with the wrong temperature!) and the thinnest imaginable poly at that.  How do the manufacturers get away with it?
As a complete contrast, here's the lovely needle case I made at my Tuesday group.

Previously we have been out for a Christmas meal, but after being rather disappointed with the experience last year, decided to have a bring-a-dish lunch instead.  And as a special treat, Jenny and Bunty designed and organised for everyone to have a kit for a needlecase to be sewn on the day!  It was great fun seeing others' progress, and the way people changed the design to suit themselves.  Have a look at Jane's here.

This time, the quality of the fabric was beautiful, and the colours very suitable for a folk art project. Here's the inside, with lots of space for different types of needles.  Many thanks to Jenny and Bunty in particular, and all my Tuesday morning friends for all the fun and love you've provided this year!

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Ali H said...

They obviously think that they can get away with murder just because they have the Peppa pig design on It! Bet it was stretchy to work with too ! Ali x