Friday, 6 December 2013

I wasn't whining!

I wasn't whining when I said I was disappointed that Bonnie's first post in her 'Celtic Solstice' mystery quilt looked tricky.  I was only saying that I thought some of the people I've encouraged to have a go at the mystery might have been daunted when they saw it.  I love Bonnie's mysteries (and her designs) and I love the way she is so generous with them, and would never complain or criticise.  But ...... I was right.  Meeting some of the ladies this week, they had all looked at the post and been overwhelmed.  What a shame.  Luckily I was able to point them to the templates part and reassure.  I'll wait for developments!
Here are my tri-rec blocks in process.  (I've finished them all now.) 
And I was delighted to see that today's instructions are for much simpler blocks, with rectangles and squares.  I started by looking through my 2" box.

There were enough 2" neutral squares already cut to make the size I want!  I love being able to use these leftovers!

There weren't enough green strips, but there were a number, and the rest will come from yardage.

As to the yellow 2" squares - only two!  Still, it's a start!

I have been doing other sewing too.  I've finally finished my Orca Bay!  It was one of Bonnie's mysteries from 2 years ago!  I did a plain border, which I think is the perfect foil for the piecing. 

And I have also made this Linus quilt.  I had a request for a quilt for a little girl who loves butterflies, so made this one up for her.  The butterflies are from a Fons and Porter magazine, and really knit up big!  A pink binding will finish this off perfectly.

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audrey said...

Your Orca Bay quilt is wonderful! It's so true that some people are easily intimidated by the initial hurdle of a complicated looking quilt. I used to be one of them myself but am earnestly trying to get over that very bad habit--don't want to miss out on all the good quilts.:)