Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Despite the pile of tops waiting to be layered and quilted, I felt the need to start something new.  Very bad.  But on the good side, I looked in my UFO drawer to see what I could use up.  I found a bag which contained the samples from a sew-a-row- class I taught a while ago.  I started by making the rows with the students (Seminole and some Anita Grossman Solomon blocks) but soon realised that it wasn't necessary, so only made a couple of each block.  I got these out, added a few other blue orphans and this house block, and started to play.
Here's the work in progress.  The house will obviously go in the middle, to make a medallion, and the Seminole is just long enough to go on the top and bottom.  The row of Anita Grossman Solomon blocks will be unpicked and shared out.  The yellow star and the spool blocks will have to wait for another day - they don't quite match.

And here is the arrangement so far.  Just got to add to the corner circle blocks and join the sides.

I think a red narrow border and then a wider blue.  Nothing better than a quilt from ready made blocks!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

This looks fab... There is nothing better than mixing orphan blocks.. Might scare some, but I love the challenge just like you :-)

Anita Grossman Solomon said...

In addition to your fabulous sense of fabric, you are a layout genie. What a treat to come across your work and your blog

Frog Quilter said...

What a fabulous free quilt! My orphan bin is full so it will soon be time to collaborate a top.