Friday, 18 April 2014


As ever, I have been sewing, but not on much very interesting.  I've been trying to chip away at the boxful of Linus tops which need layering and quilting, and have completed my aim for this month of layering and quilting one a week - sounds a lot, but they're only small and don't take long.  I've also been sewing together some blocks made by the Hinckley U3A Craft Group, which are one of
 Bonnie Hunter's designs, 'Starstruck'.  Here it is in green and red.   

A green final border will finish it off nicely.  So after all that work, I needed a bit of play.  I've fancied making some of the dollies from Kathy Doughty's 'Burbs' quilt for ages, so had a go.  They are just strips and bits, so ideal for using up Linus scraps.  I decided my dollies would be multicultural and holding hands.
They were great fun to do.  If you fancy them, the details are in 'Material Obsession 1'.

I included hats for some, and had fun last night embroidering some as well.

DS was concerned at this dolly's mottled skin.  'Has she got leprosy?' he rudely asked.  I thought it was realistic!

This one, despite her fair skin tone, reminds me of an African lady with her big head dress!  A nice border round these should make a lovely girly quilt.  DH is going to the football this afternoon so three guesses what I'll be doing!


Millie said...

LOVE the Starstruck quilt and the way you used the green and red. Fabulous!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looking good! I love that they are all holding hands...sweet!