Wednesday, 7 January 2015

It's a girl!

DD's friends baby has arrived, and it's a girl, Ruby Jayne.  I haven't seen her yet, as I want to get the quilt finished before I visit.  Here is the completed top.

I wanted it to be gender-neutral, and bright, as strong colours stimulate babies' visual cortex (plus, I get so bored when I use pale colours!)  now I'm quilting it, and hope to have it done by the weekend.
This doesn't mean I've abandoned my Grand Illusion.  

Iit looks very dark here, but it's the light levels rather than my fabric choices which have done that!  I made half the block components, so should be able to make 12.5 blocks.  I think I'll go for 16 as that'll make a fairly decent size.  The blocks are going together very quickly.  If you missed out on this mystery, it's not too late to look on and catch up!


audrey said...

What a great snazzy baby quilt! Very interesting to see the different mystery quilts as they are coming together.:)

Mad about Craft said...

I've only got 3 & a half blocks done so far,