Friday, 2 January 2015

Leopards and spots

It's said a leopard never changes its spots, and (both as a quilter and in other ways) neither will I!  I never let a current project get in the way of something new, so despite the fact that DD's friend's baby's due in a few days, I've packed my 9 patches away.  

I've done the right number of blocks, arranged them pleasingly, and even joined up the first two rows.  So, what is it, you ask, which has demanded your attention?  Bonnie Hunter, of course!  She has revealed her Grand Illusion mystery quilt, and I couldn't resist making up a block.

Here is the block.  It goes together really well, with few match points.  Shal I do more, or go back to the baby quilt?  Hmmm. 


julie chapman said...

Looks good!

Liz said...

Go back and complete the baby quilt a 2015 finish is a fine thing.