Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tula Pink

This morning there was some talk about Tula Pink and her book '100 Modern Quilt Blocks' and I remembered that I had a set of blocks waiting in my challenge group bag, waiting to be put together.  When I looked them out, I found these gorgeous blocks which Debbie made and generously donated to Project Linus.  Aren't they pretty?

(One of the reasons she donated them is that she had hand pieced them, and discovered they were all slightly different sizes!  Machine pieced blocks can be trimmed, but not hand pieced ones!  No problems.  I'll frame them all and trim the frames to the same size!)

And here are mine.  I had intended them to be for Linus in the first place, so used some child-friendly fabrics.  I have 36 blocks, which when sashed will make a great quilt.  Off to look for some pale blue fabric!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

They are very Dear Jane-esque :o) I once won a load of lotto blocks and they were all different sizes. I used extra wide sashing and then trimmed them down, but turned the blocks on a slight angle to create a bit of interest.