Wednesday, 3 June 2015


There must be something about my family and 2015 which puts a sparkle in their eyes as five relatives are expecting babies this year, and all are first ones!  Add to that our friends in Berlin's daughter and that makes six baby quilts to make!  I thought I had better get ahead of the game and get a few made, as babies are notorious at keeping to their own schedule and ignoring the predictions of the medical profession!  I have been very good and shopped in my stash first. 

I bought this piece of bright horsey fabric a while ago, but thought it was a perfect gender-neutral one. A few nine-patches using stash fabrics and hey presto!  That's one. 

Then I found this feathered star which I made for a class, added a few scrappy borders, and once I've sewn the binding down, that's two. 

I used this pink feathered star to demonstrate at the class, so the same borders went onto this (well, why fix it if it ain't broke?!) and that will be three.  Phew, nearly halfway. 

Then (while looking for something else) I came across this needle turned block.  It's bright and cheerful, so I've started to big it up.  The green and pink blocks were leftovers from a Bonnie Hunter, but tone in perfectly with the colour scheme.  I'm not quite sure where to go from here, but I'm sure inspiration will strike.  
Just need two more .......


Sew Create It - Jane said...

All of those are wonderful! Those are lucky babies!

Michelle said...

I love those -- especially using the nine patches as a border!

Bekah said...

So cute! I love the pink feathered star!