Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Still busy

Things have been hectic round here as my Mum hasn't been well and then had a stay in hospital, which has meant disruption to all sorts of things, not least the free time I have.  It's time well spent of course, but not in my sewing room! I did manage to get some hand sewing done though, while waiting for the doctor. 

I'm planning a workshop on 'the patchwork of the crosses' next year, and here's the first block.  The permutations of this block are endless, and give a great opportunity to fussy cut.  

The baby quilts are still on the agenda, and I thought these Tula Pink blocks would make a good boy's quilt.  Jane over at Sew Create It gave me the idea for this staggered setting, but I'm not quite sure where to go from here.  A narrow white border, blue border?  I'll have to audition some fabrics and see. 

I've also been trying to complete Linus quilts.  This is a leaders and enders project called Crabapples, and I think a final red border will finish it off.  Unfortunately there's no red solid left either in the Linus boxes or my stash, so I guess I'll be forced to go shopping.  What a shame! 

I've also been quilting this Bonnie Hunter whose name I forget.  Is it Lazy Sunday?  Anyway, it's quilting beautifully, but I just need to keep going, as I need it in a couple of weeks for a young lady who's coming up for 18.  Should be able to do it, if I don't have any more hospital trips! 

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Some nice stuff going on there Lynda... Love the staggered effect on the blue well doesn't it? and helps a quilt to subtly grow in size. As for bordered I think a narrow white and then a second wider border would frame it nicely...maybe in a darker blue to really frame it and ground it.

As for the crab-apple's gorgeous! But I had to wade in with my 2-cents (can't help it!) and suggested a different colour than red to border it...I worry it would look too Christmassy against the green triangles..especially as it is for Linus. It might work to grab a different colour..perhaps a yellow based colour like the corner stones or if it is big borders. Just a suggestion :o)