Friday, 17 July 2015

Being good.

I am known for never letting a UFO stop me starting a new project, but just recently I've been good.  Well, not that good, but at least I finished off the 2.5" scrap heart before I started something inspired by my new book.  

Obviously the 2.5" is above, and the 2" below.  The bigger one will finish at 30" so with a couple of borders will make a great baby/ Linus quilt.  So, conscience salved, I plunged into something new. 

The quilt on the right intrigued me.  There's a hint of a double wedding ring in there, or squared off Dresden Plates.  So I dug through my strings and got sewing.  I made 4.5" string squares, then made a corner section in a fan shape. I used some leftover HSTs as bases. 

I cut the corners off and then just stitched and flipped to cover the shape.  I love using up orphans!  Here are the results so far. 

Two versions.  I wanted the blocks to look as if they were circular, and think the one on the right looks better, as the yellow corners are smaller and fool the eye into (maybe) joining the dots and making an oval, whereas the bigger corners look very straight.  A bit of unpicking, and that makes two blocks.  I've no idea how I'll set them, but that decision is for another day!