Saturday, 18 July 2015


It's far too soon to think about setting arrangements for my Dresden rings, but I couldn't resist trying a few out.  

I generally prefer arrangements without sashing, as I love secondary patterns, and think the blocks sometimes look like they're imprisoned when sashed.  This setting looks better in the photo than on the wall - I think it needs to be viewed from a distance.  I like the way the setting squares are alternately straight and on point. 

Do they look better with (imaginary) sashing?  They look OK.  It allows them a little breathing space and for their individual personalities to show. 

On point is always good too.  With imaginary sashing, 

or without any sashing.  I'll have to make more before I decide, but it's always fun to play! 



Amanda said...

They look great and the smaller triangles really work well.

Bekah said...

I like them on point without any sashing :)