Saturday, 29 August 2015

My Dresden Circles quilt is still on the design wall, and while I've been quilting something for Linus, I've been looking at it. 

The circles have all gone, and it's now a yellow quilt. That's not what I want.  It's the old trick of putting a border on a multicoloured quilt to find the quilt has 'become' that colour.   The yellow border has to come off.  Maybe a blue border instead or perhaps piano keys.  Only one thing is certain, the yellow has to go! 


Rebekah Sanders said...

I think just the red border on its own is quite effective! Simple and ties it all together... Anything else may make it look too busy... Just my two cents :)

Liz said...

Really, the yellow has to go? I am not a terrific fan of yellow but I like this, and I can see circles within circles. Live with it for a bit, it may yet grow on you.