Monday, 17 August 2015

Welsh proves quite tricky

 The next technique I wanted to use was an old favourite of mine, improvised letters.  These are simply made from strips, with no particular pattern or instructions.  I decided that Welsh fifteen ( bymtheg of course!) was the word to do.  I started, naturally enough, with the 'b'. 

Oh dear.  It's a bit big.  I could only get the first three letters in at this rate.  Better start again with smaller strips. 

Quite a bit smaller, but still far too big.  I really prefer my letters to be rounded, but if they are to be small enough, they will have to be angular.  One advantage of no curves, is that it's both easier and quicker! 

Here is the finished block.  A bit squashed, but all the letters are there.  I'll try an easier language next time! 

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