Saturday, 20 February 2016

Time passed

I can't believe that it's been so long since I last posted!  Things have been busy (panto, mothers, meetings, Linus) but so life goes on.  I have been happily sewing from time to time, and here are the results. Move been continuing my love affair with MAM and been making a quilt for DD.  she needed an item for a charity auction, and asked if I had a quilt I could donate.  I thought about my Allietare, but then decided to do something specific. 

A slightly crumpled 'Lovely Ladies'.  It's MAM with additions of all the lady fabrics I've collected over the years.  Thank you Alexander Henry and Michael Miller in particular. 

Here are burlesque ladies, Parisian ladies, skater ladies and some ironing ladies. 

Some Alexander Henry naked ladies (very tasteful!), housewives and more 20s ladies etc. 

Lastly, Frieda Karlo, mermaids and 50s ladies.  Lots of fun. 

I've also finished this baby quilt, ready for a lucky baby.  There seem to be quite a few at the moment. 

I've also bordered and layered up these orphan blocks.  I'm busy quilting them. 

And finally I attended a lovely workshop with Gail Lawther this week. We made this Clarice Cliffe inspired work.  I thoroughly enjoyed making it, but when I came to attaching the black stained glass bias strips, decided I preferred it without.  I satin stitched the edges and am going to make it into a quilt.  So far, so good. 

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black bear cabin said...

i love how productive you are when it comes to rock! love what youre working on...its been a while since i did any quilting, though ive done a lot of sewing (patches on my daughters girl scout uniform) :)
Hope you and your family are well! hugs!