Friday, 26 February 2016

Good job!

I have been continuing my onslaught of the UFO drawer, and made some good progress.  

This one is now finished, and looking good.  I just quilted it in the ditch, but that's all it needs. 

This is one inspired by Victoria Finlay Wolfe's book on MAM quilts.  I had great fun making it, and I think a child will be delighted with it.  It's certainly very cheerful!  It's a bit puffy, as I used poly wadding for a change, but puffy = snuggly in my book, so that's all good!  Red binding will be sufficient here, or maybe purple?! 


loulee said...

Love the blue house quilt. Puffy is cosy, you're right.

Shasta Matova said...

Both of these are great. I like the variety of blocks in the blue one, and the red one is so much fun!