Sunday, 6 March 2016

Good news!

I randomly read part of an article in today's 'Sunday Times' about eyebrows.  Apparently, a study has shown that the British woman spends an average of £200 a year on her eyebrows.  Who knew?!  So since I have spent a total of £0 for the last x years, I can spend all the money I've saved on fabric!  Whoopee! 
In related news, I have been continuing with my Clarice Cliffe quilt. 

The flying geese look great, and they make it a better shape.  One more patterned border and it'll be done.  I'll be dipping into my £200 very soon! 


audrey said...

Oh yeah. Fabric or eyebrows? The fabric would win hands down.:)

Elizabeth Ingram said...

I have also never spent a penny on my eyebrows, that means somewhere there are women spending considerably more than £200, staggering. Nice quilt in progress.