Friday, 9 September 2016

Back again

I haven't been blogging at all recently, for various reasons, one of which being that blogs seem to have become rather outmoded, and people prefer Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, not to mention Snapchat and Tinder - whoops!  Sorry, I don't think Tinder should be in that list!  Anyway, then after one or two people had commented on my silence, I decided that although I am a member of Facebook, it's the opportunity for sharing interesting information and ideas which I like about blogging, so I'm back!  
My Mum died this year and sorting out her bungalow has concentrated my mind on the amount of stuff we all have, and how things in cupboards just stay there happily for year, after year, after year!  So, yet again, I've been turning out my UFO cupboard, with aim of completing or letting them go. 

First up were these hexies which I made from a magazine pattern.  I am never going to make enough for a quilt (and why did I choose pink?) so I appliqu├ęd them onto a background, added a few flying geese, and here we are. A lovely Linus quilt. 

Next was a bag with three and a quarter blocks I made using a Squedge ruler. 

I completed the fourth block and added a border. 

Anyone who likes yellow, will love this.  Result. 

I never let old UFOs get in the way of a new project, so made several scrappy blocks each on a different colour theme.  

Not the most attractive quilt ever, but with its bright orange chicken backing and once it's quilted I think it will be OK. 

Next is a bag of Bonnie Hunter Monkey Wrench blocks, 

Bonnie's Tulip Fields blocks

And these hand pieced circles (two different kinds which I'm hoping will play together nicely.  
This should keep me out of mischief for a while - maybe! 

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Cherie in St Louis said...

So sorry to hear you lost your mom. I am glad to see your blog post as I don't follow quilters via any other media. Have to have some time to sew!