Tuesday, 20 September 2016


I've long ago come to terms with the fact that I'm usually the last person to know something, but I couldn't believe it when Pippa Moss told me on Saturday that Quilters Newsletter Magazine is finishing, and the next issue will be the last one!  It's like being told the BBC is finishing.  They are both well respected beacons in their field.  Both the BBC and QNM were the first examples of their type, (the BBC in 1936 and QNM in 1969.) 

They both cover world wide news, comedy, popular issues, academic issues, instructions, entertainment and food for thought.  (The only way they differ is that the BBC covers a lot of sport, and I find the lack of sports coverage in quilting magazines a refreshing change!) 
For those who subscribe to the magazine, their subscription will be filled with 'Quilting Arts' which seems to me a bit like cancelling the BBC and replacing it with Dave; both are tv channels, but don't have all that much in common beyond that. 
So, what are we o do?  We just have to mourn its passing, as there is no other quilting magazine which can claim to cover the whole world of quilting.  RIP QNM. 

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