Sunday, 5 March 2017

A finish and a surprise!

Back home now, safe and sound, and happy to be back in my sewing room.  While the washer was humming, I dug out my 2017 UFO Challenge list to see what was next.  (I know I haven't done the February UFO yet, but that needs some thinking about, so I thought I'd do the March one instead, and then at least have two quilts done.). Number 12 is next and that was a lovely Linus top donated by Madeline which just needed layering and quilting.  Easy! 

It was Madelines first attempt at patchwork, and I don't know how she could bear to part with it.  At least it's now out of the cupboard and will provide a lovely hug for some lucky young person. 
Then I started to work on my Sarah Fielke 'Down the Rabbithole' BOM.  The first part is a circle with forty rays.  Yes, forty!  That's a recipe for a potential bra cup rather than a flat circle!  Since my record on accuracy isn't very extensive, I was pleased that Sarah gives a clever tip.  Make up the first quarter (just 10 strips) and then check to see if it covers a right angle.  If it's too big, take smaller seams and if too small, take larger seams.  I made my first quarter and nervously checked it against my ruler. 

What a surprise!  It couldn't be better! 

Here is the completed circle, as flat as a pancake!  Now, it may not be completely circular, but at least it's flat! 

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Amanda said...

That circle truly is an impressive achievement!!