Saturday, 25 February 2017


I always like to take some hand sewing with me on long journeys, usually some appliqué.  I cut out the pieces before I travel, but read that the rules on carrying scissors in hand baggage had changed, and that scissors with blades of less than 6 centimetres in length were allowed, so decided to try them out. I put my good scissors into my case - I've never forgotten the time when my husband decided to rearrange the luggage and I witnessed my best Fiskars embroidery scissors (which I had packed safely in my case) being tossed into the contraband bin!  I didn't want that to happen again, so put some cheap scissors into my bag with my sewing, and waited to see what would transpire. 

Most of the airports we travelled through picked up the scissors, but on having examined them, and in the case of Santiago having measured them, returned them to me.  Experiment - success! 


Amanda said...

Haha! I experimented with some 3cm scissors when touring Australia. Unfortunately they finally caught them on the way back in Changi as they had points. I was really sad to see them being thrown into the bin as they had travelled so far with me. Baby nail scissors it is from now on! Lol

Beatrice said...

Hello, love, love, love your block! Can you tell me more about it? Is it your own design or a published pattern? I'm going to Holland soon and need an applique projet. This looks ideal! Thanks.