Sunday, 23 July 2017

A trial run

It's all Julie's fault.  She was the one who had this idea about jelly roll races, and got me looking at YouTube videos of people sewing strips of fabric together!  Then I saw this idea of a 4Corners Jelly Roll Quilt at quirky granola girl's site and I got all fired up to have a go!  There were just two little snags.  One, I didn't have a jelly roll, and two, I didn't want a quilt the finished at 52".  The first problem was solved by assembling some strips and joining them till they were about 42", and the second with a pencil, paper and a bit of head scratching! 

If I used half a jelly roll, there would be half the number of strips, so if I just joined till there were eight strips sewn, it would work out!  So, I sewed and sewed and this is what I ended up with. 

The strips were mainly blue and gold, and I added in some Viking fabric just to cheer it up a bit.  With the centre square (which I cut to 9" in case you fancy a go) and 25" slices, I ended up with something more than acceptable! 

Not the prettiest of quilts, but I think someone who likes blue and Vikings will be pleased to snuggle up with this!  It finishes at 42" which is perfect for a Linus quilt.  Now I need to get an Accuquilt 2.5" cutter and make myself some more jelly rolls! 

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Amanda said...

That's an interesting take on a JRR. They're my favourite go to Quilt when I need a quick one for a gift.