Sunday, 20 August 2017


Hi It's August, and while there has been some sewing going on, there's also been the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham - as good as ever!- and a couple of short holidays.  (A couple of nights in Weymouth - very good - and then a week in Edinburgh for the Fringe festival - fabulous!). That has meant not so much sewing has been completed.  

This UFO has finally been bound and labelled.  A very suitable Linus quilt, I think. 

I haven't done very well on my Sarah Fielke BOM.  I waited till I was ready to choose fabrics, and that was just before we went away to Edinburgh.  The choosing is done, now the sewing follows.  So far, so slow.  Good job it's not a race. 

If it was a race, I'd be doomed.  I never let an unfinished project get in the way of starting something new, so here is the start of a scrappy pineapple quilt.  I have an extensive collection of strings and strips, and the idea of using them whatever width and only in pairs was irresistible!  Off I go! 

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