Tuesday, 6 February 2018

First finish of 2018

I have managed to finish one quilt so far this year.  I've registered for two UFO challenges, and typically, this quilt isn't on either list!  It's a variation on Mile a Minute, and since the MAM blocks wwere already made, it seemed silly not to leap in! 

It's very simple to make.  Just take a MAM square and a white square the same size.  Place on top of each other and slice both at the same time at an angle.  Swap the top left piece for the bottom left piece and sew together so you get two blocks half MAM and half white.  Then arrange them going alternately horizontally and vertically to create the zig zag effect.  Simple!  I quilted it it zig zags on the white to emphasise the design.  

This quilt is on my challenge lists.  It's granny squares and there were only a couple of blocks completed so was a bit of a slog.  I need to quilt it before I can cross it off the list.  Lovely. 


jann said...

Beautiful quilts! I used your MAM block shape to make a heart quilt several years ago..this reminded me that I wanted to try it again in a setting like yours. Thanx

Shasta Matova said...

Wonderful progress on both quilts. The MAM is gorgeous! Congratulations on your first finish.

Frog Quilter said...

Wonderful finishes. Thanks for the idea on the MAM blocks. I have a ton made. If I added the white there would be enough for a king size quilt. Yay!