Friday, 16 May 2008

Fiddling and twiddling

On Saturday I spent a fabulous day at Rocheberie Quilters with Jennie Rayment. Jennie is known for her facility to fold, tuck, twiddle and fiddle with fabric to produce some amazing 3-D blocks. In the morning Jennie held a workshop with all 60 people who came that day and in the afternoon she gave a talk. If you ever hear that Jennie is speaking within a 100 mile radius of where you live, bust a gut to get there. She is an accomplished performer, fantastic quilter and absolutely hilarious!
In the morning we made two blocks from calico.
She was such a good teacher, that although it was a bit complicated, everyone in the hall made it correctly! If this were embellished, it would enhance the twisted shapes beautifully. Have a look on Jane's blog for more examples, and a link to an article about Jennie.

This star shape should have had its edgeds folded back and twisted, but I rather liked the star shape on its own (I'm not really much of a fiddler), so much so, that I experiemented with striped fabric when I got home.

These blocks are a bit startling, but good, and I'm planning to sash them with black, with red cornerstones, and then a couple of borders (one stripey, one red) but meanwhile, I need to get on with some of my other UFOs, so it'll have to wait a bit.


Joyce said...

That looks like an interesting technique. I usually have to rely on books because we don't get many teachers way up here.

janet said...

I love the red and black blocks - it will make a stunning quilt with the borders on!
The Jennie Rayment workshop looked fantastic - I would definitely like to do one of her workshops when I get the chance. Hope hubby's leg is healing well!