Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Jacquie's challenge

While I was wandering about the web earlier today I came across Jacquie's blog, and fell hook line and sinker for her challenge! It's to finish 5 quilts by 31st July! I must be mad!

My first thought was that this was impossible, but then I thought that goals are good for you (especially when you have as many UFOs as I do) so decided to go for it.

I've selected the quilts I want to finish.

I've cheated a bit with the first two, as they're already layered up. But they still need finishing, and this Sizzling Strips quilt is already overdue.

My Old Quilt has a lot of work to be done on it, and I really ought to get on and quilt it.

Two cot quilts here, the first one has its border on already,

the second one still has decisions to be made about borders.

And this quilt also needs a border. It was the result of a block swap in 2004 - can't believe it was so long ago. I've been out and bought border fabric today, so I all set to go! If you want to join the challenge, I'm sure Jacquie will welcome you!


loulee1 said...

Oooh! I like the blue and yellow one. Good luck with the challange.

Diana said...

You are going to be very busy!

Helen in the UK said...

Love the quilts you've chosen for your challenge - esp the sizzling strips and the house ones. I have a real weakness for house block quilts and this looks so bright and fun. Look forward to seeing how your challenge progresses :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

So pleased you have signed up for my little challenge...what a lovely lot of quilts you have selected to should be a lot of fun...

blackbearcabin said...

i dont think ill join you in the took me forever to finish my ALQS quilt :)
i will, however, enjoy reading about your challenge :)
good luck!

Melody said...

I have some UFO's but nothing to make me want to do that challenge. I love the quilts and wish you well in your endeavor. And won't you be just as happy as a puffed up peacock when you announce you have those quilts done and I'm still "wishing and a hoping" mine were done. :-)Enjoy.

Jacquie said...

It's actually Peg's Challenge at Happy in Quilting...oh I see she was here! Peg is inspirational and she is motivating all of us to get those finishes! Good luck with yours!