Thursday, 5 June 2008

Gorgeous bag

I was out shopping in Leicester recently with DD, when she went in one of those shops that 50-something women don't enter - the ones with corsets, PVC outfits, piercing jewellery and the like for sale. Well, it's a shop, and you're allowed to go in, aren't you, and I was surprised to find that DD didn't buy anything, but I did!

Who could resist this gorgeous bag (it was reduced as well!) which is so over the top! Apart from its fabulous looks, it's very functional. It is made from heavy furnishing brocade, so very sturdy, and has a tasselled zip along the top for security. The handles are just big enough to go over your shoulder, but not too long to just hold in your hand.

The back has a zipped pocket (with another tassel!) ideal for tickets and shopping lists.

Inside, it's roomy enough to take my work A5 diary and all the other things I need, and is lined with a plasticised dark fabric (perfect in case of make up spillages) with more pockets and another zipped compartment - this time without tassel!

DH absolutely hates it, and does his best to make me leave it at home when we are out together! He says only someone eccentric would buy a bag like that, and I'm not eccentric, which sounds almost like a back-handed compliment to me! Viva eccentricity!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

What a great story! I love that you got it shopping with your daughter ;o)

Exuberant Color said...

Yes the men would like us 2 paces back, quiet, and dressed conservatively. I wonder if that is because they are unsure of themselves. I think it is pretty.

DD said...

You forgot to tell everyone what it's known as in the house - The Liberace Bag.

(And I'd like to clear my name by saying that there were no PVC outfits or piercing jewellery... just lots of gorgeous corsets and shoes!)

Karol-Ann said...

He he! I liked your DD's comment! Don't telly our DH, but I have an eccentric artist friend who has a bag like that! LOL

Nancy said...

I firmly believe that is the advantage of entering our 50's. Those of us that may not have been before, can be as eccentric as we like and not care a fig about what anyone else thinks. Congratulations on your most excellent purse! Now for the corset and shoes to match, that may bring dh around!