Sunday, 23 November 2008


I have been a lucky girl just recently. DH has just returned from a business trip to Tokyo. He doesn't have the time or inclination to bring gifts back from his trips (he goes away quite a bit) but this time, he brought me something which I really appreciated.

Three copies of Japanese quilt magazines, and including a free calendar! The 'Quilts Japan' has lots of Christmas ideas in it, and a feature on England! It includes Lucy Boston's home and quilts, the new Quilt Museum in York and an article on 'The Festival of Quilts'! Unfortunately I don't read Japanese, but the pictures are fabulous, and the patterns are all done by diagram. The fabrics used in the magazines are quite interesting too. They seem to be either taupe (lots and lots of it!) or really unusual fabrics, with big motifs, writing and bright colours. Just up my street!
Then at Rochberie Schoolhouse Quilters yesterday, everyone who was there was given the free gift of a jelly roll as an early Christmas present! There was a choice of brights or autumnal tones, and I chose the brights!

Anyone know where there are some free patterns for jelly rolls?


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your Dh did really well there! Those are lovely gifts!

loulee1 said...

Your DH did well.

I think have a free jelly roll pattern.

sewkalico said...

Lovely Japanese goodies!! BTW, did you not get anything from me?