Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

First of all, let me wish all of you a happy and healthy new year, filled with things which make you happy!

Now let me explain why I'm up and blogging so early on New Year's day - I had a particularly virulent sickness bug at the end of the year, so was tucked up safely in bed last night with an alcohol-free tummy when others were out carousing. How smug I'll be with my clear head and chirpy demeanour when they all surface - although sad not to have celebrated with those I love. Never mind, I'll have a New Year's toast later even if they use orange juice!

It's the time for new year's resolutions, but since they never last, I've decided to copy an idea from Andrew Clover (who writes a weekly column in 'The Times') and give my Unresolutions: things I definitely WON'T be doing in 2009 - so much safer.

1. I won't be making a Sunbonnet Sue quilt. (Too cute for me)

2. I won't be making a collection of cat fabrics. (Sorry all you cat lovers, but they do nothing for me except make my nose run and eyes stream.)

3. I won't be buying a kit with all the fabric in it. (Where's the creativity and satisfaction in that?)

4. I won't be making my sewing room tidier by throwing away all my scraps. (They add that quirky, individual touch to my quilts, especially the lime green ones!)

5. I won't be making any Suffolk puffs. (Self-explanatory.)

6. I won't be hand quilting a bed quilt. (Look, I'm the master of patience? I just don't have the concentration span.)

7. In this time of recession, I could save money by not buying quilting magazines and books. (My copy of Roberta Horton's stripes book is on its way!)

8. Another money saving ploy would be to stop going to quilt groups. (How would I cope without the inspiration, friendships and support networks I've made there?)
9. I won't be stepping down as Project Linus co-ordinator (I love it!)

10. I definitely won't be stopping blogging! (see number 8 reason)

So, what are your Unresolutions for 2009? I bet, like me, you'll achieve every one! Although having said that, I do remember a site which had alternative Sunbonnet Sue blocks (Sunbonnet Sue does burlesque, Sunbonnet Sue robs a bank etc.) That might make a fun quilt!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Great list and a much healthier approach to resolutions :o)

janet said...

Happy New Year Lynda!
I have enjoyed reading your blog in 2008 and look forward to joining you on your quilting journey in 2009. Have started to use a lot more lime green in my quilts - you are certainly right about it!
The unresolutions are a great idea - I have started thinking about some - like I will not be joining a gym etc.....

Contented Caroline said...

Happy new Year too. Good luck with your unresolutions!!

anne bebbington said...

I must say that 'burlesque' is the only slant that would make me stomach 'Sunbonnet Sue' - but each to their own. Hope your tummy's better soon, happy new year to you and yours Lynda

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

that all sounds very undoable. woohoo, you can meet your goals for the next year. I love that Roberta Horton book - hope you enjoy it.


Happy New Year to you too! I hate Sunbonnet Sue but would love to see a burlesque one, a bondage one, or a goth one, or a punk......the list is actually endless!

Christine Thresh said...

Unresolutions sound like a very good idea. I think I will start on a list of my own.

Patti said...

Tee hee - just great Lynda! What a fun idea! You've chosen some good ones.