Sunday, 4 January 2009


Pink could have been included in my Unresolutions as it's not a colour I use a lot of. However, just at the moment I seem to be surrounded by it.
Firstly DH gave me a little black diary. For years I have resisted the opportunities to have a handbag diary, declaring that a work diary and a calendar are enough for me. Then last year I was seduced by a bargain diary in Paperchase (it was March and it was very cheap!) which quickly became very useful. So when DH offered me one of his little work diaries this year, I decided to accept. The only problem was, its sleek black cover would not be easy to find in the rubbish bin I call my handbag, so I made a quick cover for it with some batik fabric, Heat and Bond, sequins and tulle. It's very easy to find now!

I'm continuing to work on the curves quilt I started for DD. I had bought some charcoal batik to use as cornerstones, and began to join the strips into longer pieces.

I wasn't happy. The charcoal looked very clunky and spoiled the seductive feel I wanted to create.
Out with the seam ripper and some new cornerstones cut from existing curves. Much better!
Then yesterday I felt the need for some sewing, without the need for decisions. In the Project Linus box there was a layered quilt which had been made by Tina and tacked by Dorothy which just needed quilting and binding. Ideal for some mindless sewing, especially as the wadding was a bit thicker than I would usually use (it had been donated) and only needed some simple lines quilting on it. Needless to say,
it was shades of pink!