Monday, 27 July 2009

Becky's roses

The weather has been foul recently - lots of heavy rain and wind, day after day. If you want a sample, look at Jane's post about why she came back early from holiday! Add to this a weekend where DH went to a stag do on Saturday (go-karting in the afternoon and then a pub crawl in the evening) and then drove 30 miles to play half a game of cricket and then watch the pitch slowly flood and you'll understand why I've managed to get my roses top together!

It looks pretty dull, but the light is so poor today (more rain), that even though I put all the lights on in my bedroom it hasn't helped much. It's actually quite fresh and pretty and fairly pastel.

One thing I discovered about this pattern is a way to save fabric. The instructions tell you to cut out all the pieces for all the rose petals before you start. I rarely do that, as I'm always itching to get on with the sewing and hate cutting. This time I was glad, because since the petals are of decreasing size

and you then cut them away at the back to reduce bulk, I realised that I only needed to cut the first two large petals, and could cut the smaller ones from the cut-away fabric! We'll beat this recession yet!


loulee said...

LOL I did my petals in exactly the same way! I have quite a bit of the kit fabric left.
Yours looks very pretty.

anne bebbington said...

I made a scrappy bullseye in the similar fashion and did the same - the price fabric is this side of the pond it pays to be frugal :o)

anne bebbington said...

Sorry forgot to say - despite the lack of natural light this looks lovely - very pretty

Contented Caroline said...

Oh Lynda it's beautiful and I can't believe how quickly you've achieved it. Any plans for how you're going to quilt it yet??

janet said...

Lynda this quilt is really lovely. As it has continued to rain since Monday I expect you have made even more progress!
As usual I must ask a question (or two!) Is this raw edge applique? Are the roses bondawebbed on? if so how do you cut away at the back?
I am sure that your friend will love this quilt - so shabby chic!

Shasta said...

It is a pretty quilt. Very clever of you to save fabric that way.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

It so pretty...even if it was a dull day when you took the pic.

Just when oh when is the rain going to let up?