Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Thanks, Elaine!

I'm not managing to get much patchwork done, what with rehearsing and costume-making, but I have finally solved my bodice-ripping problem, thanks to my clever friend Elaine!
Nicky has to have her bodice ripped open at the back (by Keith, playing the nasty Robbie Ross). Several people sugested Velcro would be the solution, but in this case it wouldn't be, unfortunately. The play is being performed in a thrust configuration, which means that the audience is sitting on three sides, on the same level as the actors. This means that they would be able to see the Velcro very well once the bodice was open. Also, the bodice is laced down the back, with the opening edge to edge, so there is nothing to attach the Velcro to either.

Here is the bodice from the front. I've fully lined it, as Nicky won't be able to wear a bra, and I wanted it to be comfortable for her. I used some black fabric for the lining in the back, as she has to be whipped in the first scene (off stage, thank goodness!), so it's likely that her bodice will get stained by the blood/makeup, and I thought it wouldn't show up so much on the black.

Here you can see the back, and the way the it closes. I have some cord which I will use to fasten the back together, but for the 'ripping scene' Elaine suggested just tacking the back together like thisShe has a shawl on over her bodice, and we can add the cord as well, but then Keith can just break the cotton and expose her (scarred) back! We tried it on Monday, and it made quite satisfactory ripping sounds! Hooray! Only one more bodice to go!


black bear cabin said...

coming along nicely...cant wait to see all the costumes!
then you can get back to your quilting :)

anne bebbington said...

Hurray - you found a solution for your quandary!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sounds impressive...I'm glad you found a method that works.

anareis said...

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Chris Hill said...

They look great mum. Great solution. So upset that I probably won't see the show. Give the company my love and hope they and you break a leg.

DS x