Friday, 24 July 2009

Generous quilters

Any sensible person, having just finished a double bed sized quilt would make a little bag, a wall hanging or chip away at the ever increasing pile of UFOs all ready and waiting. Unfortunately, sensible isn't really a word to describe my quilting habits! Our friend Becky (she of panto principal boy fame) has just bought her first house, and in response to her delight, I offered to make her a quilt. What colour? Pastel pink. What size? Double. Serves me right for offering and then asking!
I'm not really a pink person, so was delighted to see a lovely pink quilt which Loulee had made from a kit. I asked her for buying details and was disappointed to find it didn't seem to be available any more. Never mind, I was sure I could work it out for myself, so asked Loulee to tell me the size of the blocks. She is so generous that she sent me the pattern in the post! How great is that! Thank you, Loulee.
So I assembled some pink fabrics, trying to keep them medium and light, and leaving most of my brights in the drawer.

Then I started to make up the blocks. I found that a couple of the darker fabrics were too much, and I turned a couple over to use the back, as it was more in keeping with the theme. Two of the blocks in the present bottom row are too dark, and I'll have to unpick them. Do you agree?

The pattern calls for 25 blocks, but I'm making 36 so it will be big enough. Becky completes in a fortnight, so I'd better get a move on!


loulee said...

Wow, your version looks really pretty. I want to make another one, a more colourful and scrappy version.
I hope your friend likes hers.

Diana said...

You are a generous friend! I haven't seen this one before, but I think it's beautiful. Is it raw-edged?

Contented Caroline said...

I think it's going to beautiful as it is Lynda - the darker colours just add more interest. I love that pattern.