Sunday, 29 November 2009

More Christmas!

Another busy week and weekend. Yesterday I went to see DD in London, and caught up with a few of the cuddles I've been missing recently and lots of the news! We went to see a musical called 'Parade' which was at the Bridewell Theatre, which I can thoroughly recommend. The music, acting and costumes were all excellent, and the story was based on a true one about a young factory girl who was found murdered in 1913, and how the Jewish factory owner (the last person to be known to have spoken to her) was framed and then lynched for the crime. Not a bundle of laughs, but very thought-provoking.
I have been busy trying to get ready for Christmas too. My 'Christmas Lights' quilt is now a top.
The red border fabric looked perfect in the shop, it even has touches of gold in it, but now it's on, it looks quite orange. I'll quilt it with a dark red thread and see if I can make it look better.
I had an idea that I would make some Christmas wall-hangings as Christmas cards for parents and mum-in-law. This pattern is from an Art to Heart book called 'I Believe'.

Looks good, but it took me rather a long while, cutting out all the letters, arranging them, and sewing round them. I'm not sure I have the strength to make another, but we'll see.

Today we had a Santa Fun Run in Lutterworth. There were 700 people in Father Christmas costumes running round the town! Everyone who entered got a costume included in the entry fee, and they ranged from tots in pushchairs, families, teenagers, parents, grandparents, people in wheelchairs and even a couple of dogs!

My photos don't give much of an impression of how many people there were, as inevitably they were very strung out as time went on, although you can just see some runners (or walkers!) coming back up the other side of the road.

Some people had gone the whole hog and included special adaptations to their costumes.

Here are the last few on what looks like a whole family outing! What a great way to spend a wintry Sunday morning, keeping fit, having fun and raising money for charity. Almost makes me wish I'd taken part! Well, almost!


Contented Caroline said...

The quilt looks lovely Lynda, very Christmassy. Can see you snuggled up under that on a cold wintery evening.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

LOL - what a sight! all those Santas :o)

Both quilts look wonderful. The Merry Christmas wall hanging looks fantastic.

Gina said...

Great wallhanging.

We have a huge santa run not far from us. It's a great couple of hours out for the family

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Barb said...

The santa run is sooo fun!
I love the Christmas letter quilt -

Julie in the Barn said...

Ohhh, your Christmas Lights turned out nice! I really like the Christmas greeting thing but there is no way I'd make more than 1. I always have grand plans for handmade cards but rarely get more than a few done. I'd need to start in January.

julieQ said...

I love your art to heart quilt! And all those Santas are too funny.